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Aqua Bond is a Canadian manufacturer of specialty chemicals and Zirconium crosslinkers for paper and paperboard. We provide high quality products, simplified supply chain and locally tailored service for our partners to be more competitive and sustainable over the long term. 

Zirconium is widely used in products for paper coating and crosslinking of polymers in paints and coatings to deliver high performance for demanding applications, such as packaging. Zirconium crosslinkers are effective in improving mechanical strength, water repellency, adhesion, printability, scrub resistance, and heat resistance.

 There are multiple reasons why manufacturers choose Zirconium crosslinkers for paper and coatings applications:

•    Efficient Processing at alkaline pH
Zirconium crosslinkers have a high pH which makes them well suited and efficient in paper processing.

•    Fast Curing at room temperature
Zirconium crosslinkers cure quickly by drying without needing heat or long curing times.
•    Improved water resistance and printability
Zirconium crosslinkers enable more even distribution of binders, higher water resistance and wet strength, which results in better printability and less mottle

•    Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
Zirconium crosslinkers are non-toxic and are approved as indirect food additives in paper and paperboard components in contact with foods (F.D.A. 21 CFR 176.170). This makes Zirconium crosslinkers an excellent alternative to formaldehyde and melamine containing resins for health, environmental and regulatory compliance.


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