Aqua Bond expands surfactants and custom blends for cleaners

Aqua Bond expands surfactants and custom blends for cleaners
Aqua Bond Expands Surfactant Products and Custom Blends for Cleaners

Aqua Bond is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals and products for consumer and industrial products. Aqua Bond has been working closely with Canadian manufacturers and SME’s to deliver custom ready to use products that provide both convenience, performance, and a good safety and environmental profile.

Our Cleaning Portfolio of products includes key raw materials: surfactants, preservatives, acids, alkalis, anti-redeposition agents, thickeners, chelants, binders and dispersants.

Surfactants are key ingredients in cleaners and many household, consumer, and industrial products. Surfactants provide the cleaning performance for the removal of oil, grease and organic residues from surfaces.

Surfactants combine with the dirt and oil and solubilise them in water thereby washing them away. Surfactants have both a hydrophobic and hydrophillic moieties in the molecules, which in combination yield many different properties; wetting agents, low or high foamers, defoamers, low or high detergency, viscosity builders, degreasers, dispersants, coupling agents, emulsifiers, demulsifiers, cross-linkers, solublizers, suspenders, stabilizers, and hydrotropes.

There are many types of surfactants and the main categories are ionic, non-ionic, and amphoteric. Surfactants are chosen depending on the application, target chemical and physical properties (HLB, foaming, molar mass) and compatibility with the other product ingredients.

Advantages of Aqua Bond Aquastound Surfactants:
  • Effective cleaning, solubilizing, and detergency performance
  • Properties and performance matching Tergitol and Pluronic surfactants
  • Selection of a variety of surfactants for cleaning, defoaming, coupling, degreasing, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Custom blending capabilities
  • Custom packaging options Pails, Drums, Totes, etc.

Contact us about selecting and sourcing surfactants.

Aqua Bond Surfactant Products

AquastoundTM L-61 -  nonionic surfactant, which provides excellent foam control and detergency, widely used as a detergent, emulsifier and dispersant, wetting agent, lubricant and coolant, demulsifier, antistatic agent and defoamer (AquastoundTM L-61 has equivalent properties and performance to Tergitol L-61 and Pluronic L-61).

AquastoundTM L-62 – non-ionic surfactant and defoamer, used in personal care products, industrial and institutional cleaning, papermaking, crude oil, textile, chemical fiber, rubber, pigments, and resins, metal processing fluids, electroplating, electronic, and pesticide industry (AquastoundTM L-62 has equivalent properties and performance to Tergitol L-61 and Pluronic L-62).

AquastoundTM LA-7/90 – environmentally friendly and biodegradable surfactant, wetting and coupling agent, stable in both aqueous acidic and alkaline solutions in a wide range of products, used for laundry detergents, dish soaps, all purpose soaps, HI&I hard surface cleaners, personal care products and cosmetics

AquastoundTM LA-9/85 - alkylphenol ethoxylate free alternative with excellent performance as a coupler and solubilizer for organic additives and perfumes, good detergency with effective wetting and emulsifying characteristics, environmentally friendly and biodegradable

AquastoundTM LAS 90 - linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate white free flowing powder, which is more than 90% active, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, no solvents, no VOC's, dioxane free, excellent detergency, wetting, foaming, emulsification, dispersion and decontamination properties, excellent rinsing, used in laundry, dishwashing applications in the HI&IC, industrial cleaners, metal finishing, dairy industry.

AquastoundTM SXS40 - anionic hydrotrope surfactant in personal care products and shampoos, degreasers, liquid detergents, heavy duty cleaning, all purpose cleaning, industrial cleaning, hard surface care, wax stripping, dish-washing detergents, light duty cleaning, wettable powders, Ready-TO-Use (RTU) cleaners, concentrated emulsions (EW), commercial/home laundry washing, liquid soaps, and textile applications. 

AquastoundTM SXS 93 – excellent coupling agent and hydrotrope, minimum foam, no wetting action, and has minimum impact on surface tension and is odour free, solubilizier, coupling agent, viscosity modifier, cloud depressant, and non-caking agent in spray dried detergents.