Construction and Contractor Manufacturing Services

Construction and Contractor Manufacturing Services

Aqua Bond expands contract manufacturing and custom toll blending services to meet the demand of the Canadian construction industry and independent contractors. We work closely with our clients to determine their detailed technical requirements and find ways to optimize quality, performance, lead times, and cost.

Aqua Bond - Canadian Manufacturer in Toronto

Aqua Bond has extensive manufacturing capacity in Toronto with multiple blenders, mixers, tanks and processing equipment designed for complex liquid and solid products. Construction and building materials cover a broad range of mechanical, physical and chemical properties that depend both on material composition/ingredients as well as effective mixing and blending of the overall mixture. Aqua Bond specializes in custom product development and large scale manufacturing of admixtures for cement, concrete, gypsum and mortar. 

Global Supply Chain of Raw Materials for Custom Products

We source raw materials from all over the world, which enables cost optimization and highly competitive large scale manufacturing. 

Aqua Bond carries many raw materials in our Toronto warehouse, including accelerators, retarders, plasticizers,  superplasticizier and combinations to meet the needs of specific applications, using the guideline of ASTM C494/C494M to meet chemical admixture specifications for concrete ASTM C494/ C494M. 

Type A - Water-reducing admixtures,
Type B - Retarding admixtures,
Type C - Accelerating admixtures,
Type D - Water-reducing and retarding admixtures,
Type E - Water-reducing and accelerating admixtures,
Type F - water-reducing, high range admixtures, and
Type G - Water - reducing, high range, and retarding admixtures. 

Custom and Flexible Packaging and Delivery

We supply custom chemicals in powder format 25 kg bags and 1000 kg supersacs and various liquid concentrations in totes, and tankwagons. We provide private labeling and contract manufacturing services and support development and commercialization of new products made in Canada. Our R&D, quality control laboratory, engineering services and manufacturing capabilities cover end-to-end requirements of many industrial clients in construction, aerospace, oil and gas.


Aqua Bond works closely with clients to ensure that their requirements are achieved and exceeded as much as possible in terms of quality, performance, price, and service. We understand how important quality and timely delivery is for large construction projects as well as independent contractors. We offer custom services and flexible manufacturing to support both large scale projects as well as custom requirements for new and growing SME's.

We offer toll blending of the different categories of admixtures by providing the chemical blend to your specifications daily as required in tank wagon volumes in the metropolitan Toronto area.  We provide blends outside of this area for adding internally at your plant. 
Construction and Contractor Services
  • Custom product manufacturing
  • On-demand product manufacturing and delivery
  • Toll blending
  • Warehousing
  • Supply chain sourcing 
  • Product development and optimization 

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