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Isopropyl Alcohol for Sanitizing and Disinfecting for Professionals and Households

Isopropyl Alcohol for Sanitizing and Disinfecting for Professionals and Households

Businesses and households have a growing need to maintain health and safety by regular sanitizing of surfaces.

Most of us are familiar with Rubbing Alcohol that is used at home and in hospitals as an antiseptic to kill germs for cuts, wounds, and medical procedures like blood tests. In fact, Rubbing Alcohol is the same as Isopropyl Alcohol, which is a highly effective and safe sanitizer and disinfectant that is easy to use all around - on highly touched surfaces around your workplace and home.

Many professional and consumer-facing businesses can benefit from using Isopropyl Alcohol due to its established health and safety profile that makes it a highly effective and safe multipurpose sanitizer.

How to use Isopropyl Alcohol to Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect

Isopropyl Alcohol can be easily sprayed on the surface and left to dry, for example on counters, door handles, and faucets. Isopropyl alcohol dries very quickly and leaves zero residues so you can keep sanitizing every day without causing any stickiness or residue buildup. There is no need to rinse or wash off afterwards because Isopropyl Alcohol naturally evaporates and dries 100%.

For electronics (smarphones, iPhones, Tablets, Touch screens), first spray or apply Isopropyl Alcohol to a wipe and then gently wipe the device. Wiping electronic devices is better to prevent any liquids from getting inside the device, which could cause problems. Isopropyl Alcohol can be used regularly/daily to sanitize and disinfect safely and effectively. Spray Isopropyl Alcohol on desks, counters, hard surfaces. Wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol for sanitizing electronics, smart phones, touch screens, tablets and other electronic devices.

Isopropyl Alcohol for Professional Sanitation and Disinfection

Professionals in dentistry offices, daycares and gyms, can add Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) spray to their cleaning regime in an easy way because there is no need for extra washing/wiping/rinsing. Isopropyl Alcohol is the first choice for highly used surfaces that need regular sanitizing (doorknobs, phones and touchscreens, etc.). 

For dental practices, Isopropyl Alcohol with an alcohol concentration greater than 50% is effective at killing germs and bacteria according to a medically reviewed article in Healthline magazine. Applying Isopropyl alcohol to a cloth and rubbing down hard surfaces like counter-tops,doorknobs and sinks is an efficient way to disinfect dental offices. Many metal-coated machines and electronic screens are also recommended surfaces for IPA use.

Regarding Daycares, Isopropyl alcohol is a strong antiseptic for hand cleaning of children and adults in childcare centres. The City of Toronto Infection Prevention and Control Childcare Centres Guidelines state that using a rubbing alcohol solution for hand-washing is a quick and effective method of killing bacteria on hands that are not visibly soiled. For hands that are visibly soiled, traditional hand-washing is still preferred for elimination of bacteria. 
Additionally, the quick, residue free drying of Isopropyl alcohol is ideal for the fast-paced environment of a childcare centre. Simply apply the solution to a cloth, disinfect a surface and after 5 minutes the area is safe once again for children to play.

Gyms can use IPA to clean various equipment and surfaces such as handles, treadmill touchscreens and bars. However, it is important to spray the solution into a towel or cloth first before rubbing it onto the surface, as direct spraying onto some surfaces can cause damage to equipment. Aqua Bond's 70% and 99% IPA solutions are quick-drying and leave no residue on workout equipment. 

Sanitizing and Disinfecting with Isopropyl Alcohol at Home

Sanitizing at home adds the need for healthy and safe products that do not contain hazardous chemicals. Isopropyl Alcohol is the well-known rubbing alcohol that most people are already using at home as an antiseptic for skin. In fact, Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) can be used for more than just cuts and wounds to kill germs all around the house in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Isopropyl alcohol is truly a multi-purpose sanitizer that can be sprayed all around and dries quickly and keeps everyday surfaces germ-free.

Isopropyl alcohol has many uses around the house. One very important use is the disinfecting of electronic devices, such as phones, tablets and computers. By first applying the rubbing alcohol to a cloth, then rubbing it onto the screen and waiting 5 minutes for it to dry, these screen surfaces that harbour countless germs can be kept sanitized. Both Apple and Samsung support the use of Isopropyl alcohol of at least 70% as an antiseptic for their products. IPA can also be a strong cleaning choice for blinds, stain removing, and disinfecting a computer keyboard and mouse.