Powder Blending and Contract Manufacturing

Powder Blending and Contract Manufacturing
Powder Blending and Contract Manufacturing

Blending of powders and solids involves combining the raw materials to form a homogeneous composition and finished product. Mechanical mixing of bulk solids can be achieved by the action of high speed rotating ribbon blades, orbiting vertical screws, or ploughshare blades. The advantage of ribbon blenders and paddle mixers and blenders is that they combine the ingredients gently without causing any damage or alteration to their properties. This way, complex blends with multiple ingredients can be processed into a homogeneous solid product. In addition, small quantities of liquid ingredients can be added as well, which is common for dust control and improving handling of the finished product.

Additive Blending with Precision at Scale

Additives are widely used to enhance performance and optimize properties of the final bulk product. It is very common to add powder flow aids and anti-caking agents into dry powders to improve powder flow, shelf-life, handling, and dispersion or mixing. Additives are typically added at small percentages, below 10% or even below 1%, depending on the additive type and target properties. Therefore, accurate and efficient blending of the additive into the bulk product is very important to achieve homogeneous dispersion and performance of the additive. 

Manufacturing Capabilities - Powder Blenders at Aqua Bond
At Aqua Bond plant in Toronto, we have Stainless Steel Ribbon Blenders with bagging machines with multiple packaging options, a Stainless Steel Paddle Mixer with High Shear Mixers, and a High Intensity Henschel Style Mixer for powder blends.  At the moment our annual powder blend capacity is 10MM pounds of dry powder blends.  Our bagging machines have load cells with the ability to package different weights for bags, fiber drums, and super sacs. 

At Aqua Bond, we have over a decade of experience and successful track record in blending powders with specialty additives with accuracy and efficiency in large batches with continuous output. The combination of precise loading of all raw materials by weight, efficient blending throughout each batch and quality control testing ensure high quality and performance of finished products. 

Aqua Bond Quality Control Lab with dedicated scientists tests every batch of product to ensure that the blending process and the final product composition meet target requirements. Aqua Bond plant has multiple ribbon blenders with different batch size capacities that can support different types of materials, batch sizes, blending speeds and continuous blending processes. 

 Advantages of Powder Blending at Aqua Bond
  • Flexible batch sizes: 20 kg – 1000 kg
  • Many Packaging Options – Bags – Supersacs
  • Homogeneous Blending of multiple raw materials
  • Batch and continuous processing 
  • Control of blend composition by weight
  • Quality Control testing of every batch with Certificate of Analysis

Powder Blenders: 
  • Ribbon Blenders (Stainless Steel)
  • Paddle Mixers (Stainless Steel)
  • Henschel Mixers

Packaging Options: 
  • Bags
  • Pails
  • Fiber Drums
  • Super sacs

Ribbon blenders are very versatile, economical and commonly used mixers for powders, dry solids and light pastes. Ribbon blenders are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, personal care, agricultural products, chemicals and plastics industries. Ribbon blenders have inner and outer ribbons that efficiently blend solids and powders in large batches.
Henschel Mixers are state of the art mixers for plastics, chemicals, paint industries, and food products. Henschel Mixers are engineered for highly efficient processing combined with high finished product quality. These mixers are specially engineered to minimize contamination and residues and enable thorough cleaning.

Warehousing and Logistics 
Aqua Bond has warehousing, shipping and receiving capacity to support on-going high volume material deliveries by tank trucks on a continuous basis. We provide full traceability of materials from receipt to shipment according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and an established system of internal Standard Operating Procedures with an integrated electronic record management system.

Quality Management and Quality Control 
Aqua Bond operates according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System with a comprehensive system of internal SOP's developed and optimized for over a decade. Aqua Bond has a quality control laboratory and dedicated scientists who conduct quality testing of all products and develop new procedures for new products and specialized requirements. Aqua Bond has scientific expertise in quality testing and analytical chemistry based on standard test methods and custom test methods for different industries (ex. aerospace, food and beverage, personal care, etc.). 

If you have a manufacturing or toll blending needs, contact us for manufacturing support and outsourcing. 
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