Aqua Bond has been serving the Aerospace industry since 2010 in Canada with a wide range of products; including commodities, resale products, proprietaries and blends based upon  aerospace customer formulations. We tailor products to customer needs with complete transparency, meeting demanding military specs with the highest regard for safety. See below the different categories with product listings. Click on the product for detail information.

Chromic Acid 
Fluoboric Acid 48%
Hydrochloric Acid 20oBé 
Hydrochloric Acid-A Sol.5%
Hydrochloric Acid-W Sol.5%
Hydrochloric-Hydrofluoric Sol.
Hydrofluoric Acid 49%
Nitric Acid 42o
Nitric Acid-A Sol. 4%
Nitric Acid-W Sol. 1.5%
Nitric Acid-W Sol. 4%
Sulphamic Acid 99%
Sulphuric Acid 66o

SpotlessTM LAC

Cadmium Balls 2”
Copper Wire 18 Gauge
Copper Wire 20 Gauge
Copper Wire 22 Gauge
Copper Wire 24 Gauge

Plating Chemistries/Additives

Enplate Ni-425A
Enplate Ni-425B
Enplate Ni-425C 
Sodium Hypophosphite 50% Soln.
Barium Carbonate Powder
Potassium Carbonate 47% Soln.
DI Water  

Plating Maintenance
ABI Auxillary Lube

The remainder of the products are not listed since they are confidential aerospace formulations.                                   

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