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Aqua Bond serves the Canadian brewery and microbrewery industry and manufactures a broad selection of products in our Toronto manufacturing plant. Aqua Bond Inc. is a Canadian full-service provider of adjunct chemicals, cleaning, and sanitizing.  We supply to breweries, distilleries, and wineries.  We offer a range of high quality food grade products that help optimize brewing by starting with the water composition makeup for the particular brew. 

Brewing water is a key and major ingredient in beer. Good brewing water should be moderately hard with calcium and magnesium but not every brewer is blessed with ideal water.  Listed below in the adjunct chemistry are products for improving and enhancing brewing water to get the desired properties for different beers.  These products will assure the brewer success in making a great beer of distinction, rather than just a good beer! 
Cleaning and Sanitizing products have a key quality and operational effect on the beer as well as brewing tanks and equipment. Brewing beer successfully is a process with different stages, with one thing in common, which is a diligent cleaning system. Aqua Bond develops and manufactures multiple products in Canada which cover a full Brewery Cleaning System. Our cleaners and sanitizers are easy to use, inexpensive, non-hazardous, sustainable, and biodegradable with minimum environmental impact. Aqua Bond cleaners and sanitizers and specially developed to prevent the transfer of flavours and odours between product batches, ensure efficient operation, eliminate soil contamination, eliminate micro-organisms and prevent beerstone scale. 
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