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Zirconium Speciality

Zirconium Products from Aqua Bond

Aqua Bond has a portfolio of Zirconium-based products with high added value and environmentally friendly profile that is becoming increasing important in many industries: pulp and paper, paints and coatings, metal and surface finishing, and personal care products.

Aqua Bond produces zirconium products with optimized chemical composition and reliable quality to ensure high performance in numerous applications in paper coatings, polymer crosslinkers, paint driers, metal treatment solutions, and personal care products.

Zirconium containing materials provide superior corrosion resistance and thermal resistance. Zirconium is widely used in products for paper coating, crosslinking of polymers in paints, ceramics and catalysts.

Aqua Bond Zirconium Products Made in Canada for North American Markets

Aqua Bond is based in Canada and manufactures a diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals and Zirconium Products for the North American Market.

We have in-house R&D, pilot plant, and manufacturing facilities based in Toronto, Canada that produce Zirconium products and specialty chemicals.

Aqua Bond has a diverse product portfolio and also provides on-demand manufacturing for specialty products for different clients in Canada and the US.


Environmentally Friendly Zirconium Alternatives

Zirconium-based materials have high value-added performance in many industries with the advantages of being non-toxic and environmentally benign. Many industries have been replacing heavy metals and highly reactive hazardous chemical products with Zirconium-based materials, which can match and exceed performance. Zirconium has become the leading eco-friendly alternative to chromium and heavy metals in many industries, especially surface finishing and metal treatment.

Aqua Bond provides high performance Zirconium-based products for the following markets and industries:

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Paints, Coatings, Inks
  • Metal and Surface Finishing
  • Personal Care

Zirconium Crosslinkers for Paper, Paint, and Coatings Industry

There are multiple reasons why manufacturers choose to use Zirconium crosslinkers for paper and coatings applications:

•    Fast Curing at room temperature

Zirconium crosslinkers cure quickly by drying without needing heat or long curing times.

 •    Improved water resistance and printability

Zirconium crosslinkers enable more even distribution of binders, higher water resistance and wet strength, which results in better printability and less mottle.

 •    Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Zirconium crosslinkers are non-toxic and are approved as indirect food additives in paper and paperboard components in contact with foods (F.D.A. 21 CFR 176.170). This makes Zirconium crosslinkers an excellent alternative to formaldehyde and melamine containing resins for health, environmental and regulatory compliance.