Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Aqua Bond provides Contract Manufacturing for new products and custom products by leveraging decades of expertise in science and engineering and our international supply chain network. Our team of scientists, engineers, and manufacturing staff are highly experienced in successfully developing and manufacturing new products for multiple markets: Personal Care, Household Goods, Cleaners and Sanitizers, Professional Products, Industrial Products (aerospace, automotive, construction, oil and gas). We work closely with clients across North America and manufacture a wide variety of custom products that are distributed globally.

Contract Manufacturing - Close Collaboration for End-to-End Success

Aqua Bond team works closely with entrepreneurs and corporate partners to ensure that all the technical and market requirements of each product are fulfilled. We treat each product and project individually and dedicate all of the relevant expertise and resources to ensure its success: R&D, Quality Control Laboratory, Product Development, Regulatory Compliance and Support, Process Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Raw Material Sourcing and Purchasing, Cost Optimization, and Manufacturing.

Canadian Contract Manufacturing - Centrally located in Toronto, Canada

Aqua Bond`s strategic location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a key advantage in sourcing raw materials, supply chain management, and international distribution. Aqua Bond Shipping and Warehousing Services are fully equiped to handle high volume shipping and receiving (tank truck) as well as warehousing. Toronto is a strategic manufacturing hub for the eastern corridor of North America in both Canada and the United States for the manufacturing of goods and services with excellent transportation infrastructure with Hwy 401 and 407. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and ranks as one of the top largest cities in North America. 

Aqua Bond has established a large network of major suppliers of key raw materials and international specialty suppliers including:

Aqua Bond Custom Manufacturing Capabilities 

Aqua Bond's focus is to provide better products, better service, with better pricing. Our philosphy is one of seeking out the best business practises globally and implementing cusp of technology for our toll projects to give our customers competitive edge by one of the lowest possible cost. 

Our supply chain provides some of the most competitive pricing in the world through bulk purchashing of large volumes of containers. Our secret is experience and low overhead cost.  We work with you to ensure we have a secure, reliable supply chain with proactive backup for high capacities and fast turn around. We are decisive and action-oriented with strong execution. We understand urgency and our team constantly strives for pursuit of excellence. We like to follow-up and manage "expectation set" without micro-managing.

Full Range of Services:

  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Private Label Manufacturing
  • Raw Materials Sourcing and Warehousing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cost Optimization
  • Scale-up and Process Development and Engineering
  • R&D and New Product Development 
  • Laboratory Testing Services and Quality Control
  • Regulatory Compliance and Support: Labels, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Aqua Bond's Strengths

  • Experienced manufacturing technology and support personnel.
  • Experience in demanding markets.
  • Quick response to customer needs.
  • Well maintained and efficient batch processing capabilities.
  • Wide range of liquid and solids blending.
  • Inventory management system to handle large numbers of products and raw materials.
  • Insurance Policy umbrella to cover customer inventory.
  • Contemporary Processing Area and Warehousing with low energy cost; LED Lighting, infrared heating, and well maintained equipment.
  • Flexible Production - small to large batches.
  • Private labelling with WHMIS and GHS Regulatory Compliance.
  • Packaging with UN Compliance.
  • Strong capability to manage customer transfer technology and ongoing manufacturing.
  • Extensive laboratory capabilities to perform process development work.

Good Manufacturing Programs:

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Product QC Functions
  • Enviromental Compliance
  • Safety
  • Process Technology

Diversified Range of Liquid & Solid Blends:

  • Specialty Liquid and Powder Products
  • New Product Development 
  • Industrial and Professional Products
  • Private Label Product Lines

Aqua Bond Manufacturing Capabilities

Aqua Bond's flexible manufacturing can perform a wide variety of liquid and powder blends with the capability of producing low volume runs to high volume runs such as pails, drums, and totes, to tankwagon capacities. We can handle almost all non-hazardous chemical blends plus hazmat chemistries that are corrosive, combustible,or potential dust explosion hazards.

Liquid Processing Capabilities

Our facility is equipped with various Stainless Steel, HDPE, and FRP Mix tanks from 35 L to 37,850 L, which yields an annual capacity of 100MM pounds of liquid batches. We have the capacity daily to manufacture 400,000 lb.liquid product. We can do  90,000 lb liquid batches at a time.  Ninety percent of our Liquid Processing Tanks for our Mixing Centers are calibrated on load cells  with VFD drives for greater optimal range mixing.

Powder Blending Capabilities

We have Stainless Steel ribbon blenders with two bagging machines with multiple packaging options and Stainless Steel Paddle Mixer with High Shear Mixers, and a High Intensity Henschel Style Mixer for powder blends.  At the moment our annual powder blend capacity is 10MM pounds of dry powder blends.  Our bagging machines have load cells with the ability to package different weights for bags, fiber drums, and super sacs. 
If you have a manufacturing or toll blending project give us an opportunity to demonstrate how we can save you money.

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