Our plating customers have access to one of the largest global resources of surface finishing chemistries on earth with vast international experience...  products and service beyond  the imagination.  Centuries of knowledge from around the world abound everywhere for customer application in their own back yard!  There is continual cusp of technologies and some of the highest pursuit of R & D Surface Science on this planet.This company is rich in intellectual property with thousands of patents in their portfolio. 

This compelling story is the present, future, and past of MacDermid Enthone Performance Solutions, a division of Element Solutions formerly know as Platform Specialty Products Corporation, the brave new world in which we are a distributor. See their remarkable history from 1785 to the present.  

We are proud to announce Aqua Bond Inc., has been selected  as exclusive Canadian Distributor to carrry the torch for Metalx Speciatly Products.  It complements and reinforces our environmental value system of  "minimalist carbon footprint".  Their forte is unique, unparallel, one-component, non-toxic powdered immersion Nickel Strippers!  There is no equivalent product todate in the market with so many benefits... military and aerospace specs, free of cyanides, phosphates, caustic amines, and ammonia with no fumes and requires no electricity to operate.  Click the above underline Metalx Specialty Products to go directly to their website.



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