Supply Chain Sourcing

Supply Chain Sourcing

Supply Chain Sourcing

Aqua Bond has established strong Global Network SCM (Supply Chain Management) throughout the world.  We have been dealing with Asian Markets since 2000 and have accomplished supply chain in China and neighbouring countries with a broker that we have been dealing with for over 15 years.  We have connections in India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Europe, Australia, South America , and North America. Sourcing of raw materials throughout the world ensure the most competitive supply chain giving advantage to low  cost overhead producers in different parts of the world based on the changing dynamics of the geopolitical world stage.  It is a myth that only some parts of the world can produce   lowest cost quality economic goods and services! 

Canadian Outsourcing: An Economic, Environmental, and Humane Solution

There are myriad of reasons for outsourcing, however the primary purpose is enhancing the bottom line.  Outsourcing should be about competitiveness with civility and enforceable rules of engagement for all who partake to be treated fairly with environmental respect and fundamentally sound policies and control of resources for all mankind's benefit on a world stage. 

Outsourcing should not be greed, sweat shops, inhumane working conditions, human capital exploitation, selling out your country, handing over patents and intellectual properties of the past, present or future, or creating a factory floor of the world in foreign lands that may destroy your cultural heritage and future prospects for generations to come. Don't allow policy maker's myopic vision and avarice to annihilate your people and hasten economic chaos and possible collapse - keep your people working; they are the future of your country!

Outsource your chemical manufacturing needs to Aqua Bond Inc.! We are a privately owned Canadian company situated in Toronto, who strongly believes in North American values of our forefathers.   We need all North American Companies thinking of outsourcing to foreign countries in the global village to unite with our focus and vision to keep North Americans working!

Aqua Bond can protect your intellectual property since our laws are enforceable to protect your patents, IP, and quality issues.  We understand trust, execution, and performance. We are experienced! Energy costs, logistic challenges, tariffs, and escalating wage demands by more affluent foreign workforce are all costs that cannot be reduced by geographical barriers of continents far away.  Aqua Bond can, we are next door!

Protect your bottom line with our international buying power, low overhead cost, high quality, and efficient operation. Protect your reputation and the environment with our QE Policy.  Our quality records attests to our experience and two standard credentials that are recognized worldwide.

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