Well-organized and operated by trained and competent staff, 1850 m2 of contemporary warehouse is strategically located in eastern Toronto in the immediate proximity to Highways 401 and 407, and is fully equipped to handle both hazardous and non-hazardous goods.

The warehouse is well lit with energy-efficient and shatter-proof LED lighting and maintains temperature-controlled climate with infrared heating throughout the winter.

The area has white walls and ceiling as well as painted overhead pipe systems, including sprinkler, air lines, water and gas, all following ANSI guidelines. Epoxy sealed floor is being updated to control any dust. Implemented pest control program insures against any infestation on premises. The warehouse is kept clean, dust free and pest free. Unauthorized access to the premises is prevented with alarm security system. State of the art surveillance systems have been installed with 24 hour monitoring for safety and record keeping of all activity.

The facility features a drive-in, four shipping docks with high doors and dock levelers as well as three certified forklifts with weight capacities of up to 2200 kg. All equipment is well maintained and subject to preventative programs.

With 6.7 meters of warehouse ceiling clearance, our versatile push-back racking system is capable to accommodate different size pallets with weights of up to 1100 kg on the ground level and up to 1000 kg upright on the shelves.

As part of our corporate commitment to continuous improvement, the warehouse is being updated with modern technological solutions to increase efficiency of logistics, provide more streamlined customer service as well as lower environmental impact. Our plans for the future include implementation of automated inventory control through instant RFID identification, aerial and automotive drone-based inspections and access, integrated warehouse management system as well as IoT concept.

Storage Rate Structure

For both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, contained in bags, pails, drums of various sizes, stored on full pallets or in totes, the unified storage charge per one unit (either pallet or tote) is CAD$13.00 per month. An additional ordinary handling charge of CAD$6.50 per unit is charged upon receipt of the material and includes in and out processing.

For additional services and their respective rates, please refer to the Warehouseman’s Supplemental Price List

For additional information please refer to the Terms and Conditions



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