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Sodium Hypophosphite and Liquid Sodium Hypophosphite Ready to Use Solution from Aqua Bond in Canada

 Sodium Hypophosphite and Liquid Sodium Hypophosphite Ready to Use Solution from Aqua Bond in Canada
Aqua Bond carries high grade purity sodium hypophosphite monohydrate, which has numerous applications as oxidizing/reducing agent, cure accelerator in fiberglass manufacturing, adhesive and sealant chemicals, plastic and rubber products, resin manufacturing,  ion exchange agent, lab reagent, flame-retardant in plastics, food additive to replace nitrite in smoked meat, pharmaceutical applications,  additive in chemistry for the oil and gas process and reduction plating agent in surface treating for electroless nickel plating on various metal and plastic substrates in automotive, aviation, construction hardware, plumbing fixtures, electrical and electronic products. 

Sodium Hyposphosphite Monohydrate (SHP), also called sodium phosphinate, is the most common form of Sodium Hypophosphite (SHP), which is a chemical reducing agent with applications as an electroplating agent, polymerization catalyst, polymer stabilizer, flame retardant, and regenerating agent for ion exchange resins.

Application Markets of Sodium Hyposphosphite

•    Electroplating
•    Electronics
•    Automotive
•    Water treatment
•    Chemical manufacturing
•    Plastics, adhesives, sealants
•    Construction (additive in concrete and insulation)
•    Fiber Glass (catalyst)

Electrochemical Nickel Plating and Electroless Nickel Plating with Sodium Hyposphosphite (SHP)

Sodium Hyposphosphite (SHP) is used in electrochemical nickel plating and the Electroless Nickel (EN) process. The EN process with Sodium Hyposphosphite Monohydrate produces a uniform plating thickness on metals and other materials, such as ceramics and plastics. Sodium hypophosphite is widely used as a reducing agent for the Electroless Nickel Plating in the electronics and automotive industry.

Industrial Applications

In chemical processing, Sodium Hypophosphite is used as a raw material for the production of hypophosphorous acid, as well as, a reducing agent and antioxidant. Sodium Hypophosphite is a polymerization catalyst for acrylic acid-based polymers. It is used as a stabilizer for polymers during extrusion and other thermal processing. Sodium Hypophosphite is used in the preparation of fire retardants and may be used as a partial fire retardant. 

Water Treatment

Sodium Hypophosphite is used in water treatment to reduce the metal ion content in industrial wastewater prior to discharge. Sodium hypophosphite is an effective reducing agent for the removal of Nickel, Copper, and Iron. Sodium Hyposphosphite is a source of electrons used for resin regeneration of Ion Exchange Resins.

Sodium Hypophosphite 50% Solution

Sodium Hypophosphite Monohydrate